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Sis student demonstration at science fair
Sis students working at desk as a group
photo inside SIS classroom with students watching and listening to a presenter discuss space social media practices

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Somers Intermediate School News

What makes a Tusker?

That’s the question that third-grade students at Somers Intermediate School were asking themselves as they created their “Tusker” elephants in art.

Students started by watching a documentary in class to explore the different personality traits of elephants in the wild and made note of the traits that also represented a Somers Tusker. Traits included things such as being cooperative, curious, strong, persistent, and gentle.

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This Energy Lesson is a Home Run

Students went up to bat to learn about the transfer of energy. 

Fourth-grade students at Somers Intermediate School took part in a Challenge Island activity called Home Run Derby as part of their energy unit in science. 

“It was fun,” Zachary Seiden said. “We got to work in a team with people that we might not usually sit with at lunch. We wore color-coded bandanas to see who our teammates were.”

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Announcements & Updates

photo front entrance of somers intermediate school


Welcome to Somers Intermediate School, a place of great growth! We embrace the belief in educating the whole child. Children in grades three through five continue to develop their social, emotional, physical, and academic skills during these formative years. We work to help students consider the impact of their actions on their local and global communities. We believe that children thrive in a safe learning community where they are fully engaged and are held accountable for their respectful and honest interactions with others. Our school believes in a strong partnership between teachers and parents, and we are so very grateful for the support.

Linda Belger 

Dina Miller 
Assistant Principal